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Black Market Music provides worldwide digital distribution (Distrokid) and physical distribution in selected record stores in Switzerland. We make bi-monthly payments and send out a bi-monthly sales report with detailed statistics on all physical sales, downloads and streams. Our main role is to help artists meet the goals they have set. We help you with all aspects of your career, from copyright protection to merch printing. Because we want what’s best for our artists, we create an EPK so you can provide bigger labels, influencers, gig promoters and talent buyers with essential information about you. 


The format on which your music will be presented to the public and to the media is probably as important as the quality of the mixing of the album. Before choosing a pressing company, it is important to know that most of the companies out there are brokers. Real pressing companies are very rare. Think twice before ordering 1000 CDs from an obscure-but-cheap Polish company found on Google. We work with two of Germany’s largest and most renowed CD and Vinyl pressing companies. From cardboard sleeves to digisleeve, from black vinyls to picture disks, we have everything you need to press your new album!


Have you ever bought one of those crappy band t-shirts that had their design faded or the fabric warped after going in the washing machine? Well we have. Thanks to our past bad experiences, we can save you a lot of time and money when it comes to printing your merch items. We work with a great German printing company that can make almost any wish come true.


Even though most of an artist’s merchandising will be sold at gigs, it’s still important to make the merch available to those who can’t attend the concerts. Our online store is a much cheaper alternative to Bandcamp to sell your merch. Basically, we charge no fees and can ship your products worldwide.



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