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How do I contact the label?

For general inquiries and webstore inquiries send an email to info@blackmarket-music.com. Don’t forget to include your full name and order number from your confirmation email.

Aside from that, you can typically find us at the Vinyl Club or the Rockies Bar in Lausanne.

How can I get updates on new releases?

You can subscribe to our newsletter on the footer of our website.

Do you accept demos? 

Yes, we do accept demos. But before considering sending us you demo, here is some advice:

BMM specialises in rock music and its derivatives. If your band’s main style IS NOT rock music, you might never get an answer from us (that’s rude, but we prefer being honest).

Even if we specialise in rock music, we do not accept any kind of project. If you play in a Satanic/Christian black metal band or in a White Supremacist kind of band, BMM simply isn’t the right place for you.

Work on your songs, practice and most important: play shows! Don’t assume we will sign you band if people don’t care about your music. YouTube views and Facebook likes are important, but they do not reflect the reality of your potential. 

Work on your EPK. This is your card visit and must contain all necessary information and links to your band. Make it appealing (you can use MailChimp for example). DO NOT SEND AUDIO FILES OR ATTACHMENTS TO OUR EMAIL ADDRESS! They will simply be deleted.

Last but not least, use Soundcloud or Bandcamp on your EPK link. DO NOT USE Spotify, otherwise your songs won’t be heard.

Send your material to: demo@blackmarket-music.com

How much is shipping and are there any taxes and fees that will be added?

The cost of shipping is based on the total weight of all the items being purchased and the current postal rates (Economy Swiss rates). The total will be given to you after you enter your billing info, but before you make the final confirmation of your purchase, so that you have a chance to review it. Any other import taxes and fees that are imposed on international orders are completely dependent on the country that you are ordering from. If you are ordering from outside Switzerland the best way to find out if you will be charged any import fees is to contact your local postal service.



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