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Black Market Music
Avenue Gratta-Paille 15
1018 Lausanne
M: info@blackmarket-music.com

We remain open to new collaborations. However, before submitting your music, please be aware of that:

  • We deeply love rock, punk and metal, but some subgenres are not very popular among our crew, those being: country rock, pop rock, hard rock, progressive rock or metal, heavy metal, djent metal, christian metal and symphonic metal.
  • Honesty and loyalty are the pillars of our work, as we build long term relations with artists.
  • We support artists in the long run; from newbies to headliners.
  • We are 100% anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-homophobic, and against sexism and discrimination of any kind. We truly believe in diversity and equality.

Demo submissions can be sent here: demo@blackmarket-music.com. DO NOT SEND AUDIO FILES OR ATTACHMENTS TO OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES! They will simply be deleted. Please DO NOT use Spotify. Use Soundcloud, Bandcamp or MX3 instead.



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