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We don’t just book shows for our artists. We also act as a concert promoter in different venues in Romandie, booking bands from all over the world!


Mar. 18, 2022Cave du Bleu LézardLausanne (CH)Am Samstag, JIAN, Lowii
Apr. 2, 2022The BackstageGland (CH)Am Samstag, Naufrage
Apr. 8, 2022MonVinylLausanne (CH)Snurfu, Occult Hand Order (FR), Lasskahl
Apr. 29, 2022Point RockSion (CH)Am Samstag, Doppelgänger, Mamba Bites, Overgrass
May 20, 2022Urgence DiskGeneva (CH)SheWolf (FR)
May 21, 2022Girls To The Front Fest/MonVinylLausanne (CH)Am Samstag, SheWolf (FR), The Black Shoe's Button, Killing Volts
May 27, 2022The MessageTroyes (FRA)Am Samstag
May 28, 2022T'es Rock CocoAngers (FRA)Am Samstag
Jun. 23, 2022Jimmy'sLiverpool (UK)Am Samstag
Jun. 24, 2022The County Music BaChesterfield (UK)Am Samstag
Jun. 25, 2022The Peer HatManchester (UK)Am Samstag
Aug. 6, 2022Newstock FestivalPayerne (CH)Am Samstag
Sep. 9, 2022648 CaféMarcellaz (FRA)Am Samstag
Sep. 10, 2022Le FarmerLyon (FRA)Am Samstag
Sep. 24, 2022TBALausanne (CH)Am Samstag
Oct. 2, 2022Urgence Disk RecordsGeneva (CH)Am Samstag
Oct. 13, 2022TrilliansNewcastle (UK)Am Samstag
Oct. 14, 2022The Salty DogNorthwich (UK)Am Samstag
Oct. 15, 2022The Birds NestLondon (UK)Am Samstag


12/18/2021Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Alchemists/AM:PM/Path of Desolation
12/09/2021Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Bonecarver (ESP)/Caligula (FR)
11/13/2021Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Jewly (FR)/Gut's
10/30/2021Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Omega Diatribe (HU)/Lasskhal
09/12/2020Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Xaon (FR)/Almøst Human
08/29/2020Centr'AfLa Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)Am Samstag
08/15/2020Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Chaoseum/Violette
08/08/2020Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Ritual Boogie/Gavial Haze
07/31/2020Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Am Samstag
03/07/2020RockiesLausanne (CH)Cosmosonic/Save More Beautiful Days
03/06/2020RockiesLausanne (CH)Maïak/Zenith
02/29/2020RockiesLausanne (CH)Ritual Boogie/Howlin (FR)
02/08/2020La ComédiaMontreuil (FR)Am Samstag
02/07/2020The MessageTroyes (FR)Am Samstag
02/01/2020Bunker ParadeCrissier (CH)Am Samstag
01/31/2020RockiesLausanne (CH)YUZU! (FR)/Luminerra
01/25/2020RockiesLausanne (CH)Dan Breeker/Dead Dog Cafe
01/24/2020RockiesLausanne (CH)Among Vultures/Who's Your Daddy
01/17/2020RockiesLausanne (CH)Renar/Reborn
12/14/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Aleph Zero/Kecske
12/07/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)TFØU/Les Violettes Noires
12/06/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Hyperblast (IT)/Human Fact
11/30/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Am Samstag
11/29/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)The Mudcats/From The Panic Room
11/16/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Fixit/Sinai Planum
11/15/2019Urgence DiskGeneva (CH)Am Samstag
11/15/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Torpedo/Jagannatha (FR)
11/09/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Stereophrenics/Oversight
11/08/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)-ii- (FR)/Mr Brandi/MLF
11/02/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Unholy Pagoda/Howling Beards (FR)
11/02/2019Pimp My BandGeneva (CH)Avo
10/19/2019Le FarmerLyon (FR)Am Samstag
10/17/2019Citrons MasquésYverdon (CH)Am Samstag
10/11/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Bounds Of Silence/Bad Smell Stock
10/05/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Paranoid Cats (FR)/Chapo
10/04/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Al Terego & The Hi-Q's/The Shivers
09/28/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Colossus Fall/Infall (IT)/Akantha
09/21/2019Whisky A Go GoLos Angeles (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/20/2019The Salty FrogImperial Beach (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/19/2019Double Down SaloonLas Vegas (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/18/2019FunhouseSeattle (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/17/2019The High DiveSeattle (USA)Am Samstag
09/14/2019CODACleveland (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/13/2019ReggiesChicago (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/12/2019Melody InnIndianapolis (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/11/2019Brauer HouseLombard (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/09/2019Be Here NowMuncie (USA)Am Samstag / Avo
09/06/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Lazerkaat/Gavial Haze
06/15/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Fire Rain/Walrus
06/07/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Neverfall/Eagle Keys
06/01/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Facing The Enemy/The PFK
05/18/2019Manoir PubSt-Maurice (CH)Science of Disorder
05/18/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Smegmananass/Undead Vision
05/11/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Flayst/Aethusa
04/07/2019Scepticflesh - Krisiun TourWarsaw (PL)Science of Disorder
04/06/2019Scepticflesh - Krisiun TourPoznan (PL)Science of Disorder
04/05/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Kipon Hell/The Black Shoe's Button
04/05/2019Scepticflesh - Krisiun TourVienna (AT)Science of Disorder
04/04/2019Scepticflesh - Krisiun TourPrague (CZ)Science of Disorder
04/03/2019Scepticflesh - Krisiun TourBratislava (SLO)Science of Disorder
04/02/2019Scepticflesh - Krisiun TourBudapest (HU)Science of Disorder
03/31/2019Scepticflesh - Krisiun TourBucharest (RO)Science of Disorder
03/14/2019Café XXeFribourg (CH)Am Samstag
03/09/2019New PubCrans-Montana (CH)Am Samstag
03/02/2019RockiesLausanne (CH)Am Samstag / Avo
02/24/2019Couleur 3 - TV ShowLausanne (CH)Science of Disorder
02/16/2019Tattoo BarMonthey (CH)Am Samstag
02/14/2019ChampmesléGeneva (CH)Am Samstag
02/09/2019La BilleLa Sarraz (CH)Am Samstag
02/08/2019Duke's BarLausanne (CH)Am Samstag
01/26/2019Dark Metal NightWinistorf (CH)Science of Disorder
01/11/2019American DinerSillingy (FR)Am Samstag
12/08/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)What Aleph Said/Endless Experience/Reborn
12/07/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Velvetfish/Sharly And The Positives
11/23/2018Metal NightNancy (FR)Science of Disorder
11/15/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Continental - Rick Barton (ex-Dropkick Murphys) (US)
11/03/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Sons of Morpheus/Exsom
10/27/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Slap Guru (ES)/Atomic Mermaid
10/21/2018Koleso ClubArkhangelsk (RU)Science of Disorder
10/20/2018Pila Rock ClubKotlas (RU)Science of Disorder
10/19/2018Mayakovsky ClubSyktyvkar (RU)Science of Disorder
10/17/2018Hard Machine BarGlazov (RU)Science of Disorder
10/16/2018Bezzz B BarIzhevsk (RU)Science of Disorder
10/14/2018SK BarCheboksary (RU)Science of Disorder
10/13/2018Sobaka Mille ClubTver (RU)Science of Disorder
10/12/2018Night Train ClubMoscow (RU)Science of Disorder
09/29/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)TheKaze/Ultima Ratio
09/28/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Resolve (FR)/Path of Desolation
09/22/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Oaxaca/The Ratracks
07/13/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Valhalia/What Aleph Said
05/19/2018Sueño LatinoMoudon (CH)Science of Disorder
04/20/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Mama Jefferson/Fixit
01/26/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)Disused/Doggy Bag
01/12/2018RockiesLausanne (CH)NPTS/Jane Barnell
11/03/2017ChampmesléGeneva (CH)Science of Disorder
10/20/2017Tatoo BarMonthey (CH)Science of Disorder



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